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SUP Kook Slam Heard ‘Round the World

SUP Kook Slam

SUP Kook Slam Heard ‘Round the World

We’ll go ahead and call it the SUP slam heard ’round the world.

It was just going to be a lonely outtake for a surf doc, but one 10-second share on Instagram and this poor SUP SOB getting creamed by a set wave has been viewed a million times in two days thanks to reposts by @KookSlams and @BarstoolSports among others.

And once you go platinum, there’s always a remix.

You asked for it, so here you go … the extended remix of the SUP slam of the weekend.

Music courtesy our friends at @NoFlowMusicCA


Tom Hanks still trying to get off that god forsaken island @chasingsurfcom

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Just a casual paddle out on the ol’ SUPmobile. #believe #gottagothru #nottodaytho 📹:@chasingsurfcom

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