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Soundtrack for The El Niño Effect Announced

el nino effect sountrack

Soundtrack for The El Niño Effect Announced

After receiving countless submissions and recommendations from bands and fans throughout California, we’re happy to announce the soundtrack for our upcoming El Niño surf documentary, The El Niño Effect, due out later this year.

Special thanks to Cole Leksan of The Olés, and Andrew Rubin of The Spaces Between, for their contributions and passion for the local music scene here on the Central Coast of California.

Here’s a look at tracks that will accompany our local surf footage from El Niño swells over the past year:

  1. Old Things, Carbon City Lights
  2. San Francisco, Sun Daes
  3. Shake, No Flow
  4. Machete, No Flow
  5. Orchasm, The Spaces Between
  6. Underwater Castle, The Spaces Between
  7. Mi Burro Esta En Fuego, Miss Shevaughn & Yuma Wray
  8. When the Pumps Run Dry, Miss Shevaughn & Yuma Wray
  9. Something’s Coming, The Earthtones
  10. Choose Your Own Adventure, Sun Daes
  11. Hazy, The Olés
  12. Going Back to Cali, The Olés
  13. The Secret Agent, The Jesus Ship
  14. Breather, DJ Underbelly
  15. Naps – Years From Now, Weapons of Mass Creation
  16. Where Will You Go, The Earthtones
  17. Ghost of a Moment, The Spaces Between
  18. Slide on Down, The Olés
  19. Have Fun Getting Old, The Olés
  20. Joker, Carbon City Lights (Outakes)
  21. Sabadub, The Olés (Credits)